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Created for an innovative interior design concept, Mobirolo modular staircases express the spirit of their surrounding environments to perfection. Rigorous choice of materials combined with absolute structural precision free aesthetics and creative expression thereby raising the threshold of design possibilities. Beauty and functionality are multiplied to infinity. These modern modular staircases define the infinite reference to style and functionality. A huge range of interesting bespoke modular staircases and absolute choice for the designer or home owner

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Modular open staircases

Nika Chrome
An open modular staircase with harmony of repetitions that light up the design scheme: sinuous lines in modern colours underlined by the impeccably attractive, modern materials of the aluminum and polycarbonate structure. The ultra modern stairs are in lamellar beech stained to any colour. This is the king of open modular staircases

Constant soft home wooden staircase, rounded shapes express the taste of contemporary living, warm materials like beech of thewood stairs and the load –bearing structure create the right atmosphere. This modern home staircase signifies the ultimate in simple and effective home staircase design wth an Italian finish.

Nuvola Chrome
Modern stylish staircase of perfect proportions akin the a ballet dancer A modern chrome stair of simplistic values that reflects the modern way of life. Minimal staircase that will enhance any residence with its simplistic Italian design.

Redline Nika Glass
Open glass staircase with a sunny lightness, solid strength: opposites are reconciled to create a classical yet, modern glass staircase design. This glass open staircase is a timeless aesthetic brought back to life in the painted steel of banisters and the solid lamellar wood of the stairs. The load bearing structure is in aluminum for a fully functional open glass stair case.



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